The Team

As seen in Night Hunters, Full Moon, Inc.'s investigators are highly experienced, with specialized training and expertise. Well, one is, anyway, but enthusiasm should count for something. Full Moon, Inc. is also fully considering becoming licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Nick Moon, P.I.

    Moon appears to be well-educated in the field of paranormal investigating. He was also somewhat involved with the now-defunct British Ministry of Paranormal Defense.
    No resume is available.
  • Daisy O'Reilly, Assistant

    Daisy O'Reilly can fix anything you got. If it ticks, clicks, whirs, or chugs, she can make
    it good as new, and probably even better. She's also an empath-in-training, field
    investigator-in-training, and receptionist-in-training. Also available for house
    cleaning--spiritual and physical! Inquire at the front desk.

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