For when you have a monster of a problem

As seen in Night Hunters!

Full Moon, Inc. offers full-service paranormal investigations in and around the Mobile, Alabama, area. Our mission is to provide efficient and reliable investigations on cases involving the supernatural, occult, and non-human entities. Like our sister city, New Orleans, Mobile is a (slightly cleaner and less crowded) hotbed for paranormal activity.

Trust us: There's a weird world out there. You're not crazy.


  • Full Moon, Inc. has a broad range of expertise in investigations for private, corporate, human, and
    non-human clients. Through experience, otherworldly technology, and good, old-fashioned magic,
    our capabilities include:
  • • Ghost Surveillance
    • Ectoplasmic Investigations
    • Corporate Investigations
    •Cryptocide Consultations
    • And much, much more!
  • Moon likes his cases like he likes his whiskey--on the rocks, possibly lethal, and keep 'em coming!
    When you have a monster of a us!
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