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Paranormal Investigator Nick Moon finds himself thrust into a hidden world of monsters and creatures of the night as he takes on a case to retrieve an ancient artifact with astonishing power.

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What critics are saying:

Demon Squad is a lot of fun, and could very easily be made into a series… The film is well written and funny. Check out this southern fried demon movie whenever you get the chance!” -Film Threat

"If you like private investigators, fantasy creatures, steampunk, and indie film, I would recommend watching Demon Squad." - Life Between Frames

"Demon Squad is a film noir with a dash of monsters and magic. If you’re looking for a comic book-style detective story with magic and demons, this one is definitely worth a look." - Horror Geek Life

"This is an enjoyable, lighthearted take on a couple of genres that are popular with movie geeks... I’d be happy to see Nick and Daisy return in the sequel the end hints at." - Voices from The Balcony

"Welcome to the wonderful world of horned demons, magical artifacts and witty humor! Demon Squad’s story and lore are fun." - Fitz of Horror

"Demon Squad is funny, has likable characters, and a solid plot. Overall I give Demon Squad a solid B+." - CryptTeaze